Within the Air Conditioning industry we have traditionally maintained a wide range of products and services. This has given us a unique ability to capitalize opportunities that can translate into better designs, better performance and better scale economies.

The origin of our company lies in the post-sales service. This is rooted in our DNA and positively influences the way we work. This tradition strengthens our desire to provide solid and reliable systems. We have earned the trust of our customers and this allows us to work in different HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) applications.

We are the Most Important and Versatile Group of Companies in Mexico in the HVAC Industry.

PREMSOL is a group of companies dedicated to offer comprehensive commercial and industrial solutions.

We have engineering to design and manufacture equipment, distribution of the most important and reliable brands and technologies in the industry, installation of any system, efficient and reliable service agreement within the HVAC industry.


Direct Expansion
Direct expansion systems are characterized because the refrigerant entering the evaporator turns 100% into steam; there is no return of liquid refrigerant.
These systems are much simpler in their design, lower initial cost, require less refrigerant charge, and have fewer problems than others regarding the migration of oil in the system. For these reasons the dry expansion evaporator is the most popular.
Used mainly in the industry. This system provides cool air in the summer and heating in the winter. This technology is used in large work areas that do not require temperature control and only need ventilation for their efficiency.
In addition to the possibility of air-conditioning large areas, energy savings allow for an ideal use for industry and office.
VRF Sistem
VRF (variable refrigerant flow) is the system in which an external unit is linked to multiple internal units maintaining the uniformity of cooling capacity, which operates individually by environment. With a reduced size and silent technology, they are one of the alternatives for large projects, with a single external unit that operates with more than 30 individually controlled internal units. They are the greatest exponent in terms of energy savings in air conditioning.
Chilled Water
These are systems designed depending on the application and spaces. They use a central liquid chiller equipment. These systems have no limit and are suitable according to the demand that they can configure their arrangement and the number of coolers required by the customer; in addition to its energy-saving, they work silently, which makes it ideal for use in offices , auditoriums, hospitals, etc.
Water Source Heat Pump System
They are systems based on heat transfer. This technology is specially designed for buildings where hot and cold spaces are used simultaneously. In this type of systems, cooling towers are used and it maintains constant energy saving. Its main use is in offices and businesses.
Service Agreement
We offer an easy and comfortable way to ensure the optimum performance of our Air Conditioning units, through Policies that prevent future problems and ensure immediate and professional repair of any failure.
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