• About Us

PREMSOL with over 50 years of experience in the market, aims to provide high quality in the different services in which it specializes.

First-rate engineers, qualified technicians and premium brands are behind our work, providing commercial and industrial solutions with engineering, equipment, installation, policies of efficient and reliable services.

We seek to support companies by offering them multiple benefits such as: savings, synergy of processes, and more efficient logistics, so that they can fully focus on their objectives and main functions.


Years of experience in the market


We have a great work team of more than 1,500 employees

Our commitment is to provide high quality services, meeting the expectations of our customers. Being in constant growth and committed to innovation, our main purpose is to offer an integral service in any field in which we specialize.
We have a team of highly trained technicians and engineers who understand the importance of ensuring the standards and requirements that support the quality of their products in a tangible way. Our staff is our most valuable asset; we research and avoid leaving results to chance, fully committed to exceed expectations.
We work with ethics and are proud of who we are and what we do.
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