PREMSOL offers Engineering, Consulting, Auditing and Consultancy services in Integral and Maintenance Energy Administration for industrial and commercial sectors. We focus on identifying and carrying out energy optimization measures in collaboration with our customers, as well as the development and implementation of multilevel engineering projects. We make sure that our customers invest the energy they use in a better way.

Integral Engineering for Use of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources: Our team of engineers is responsible for designing and delivering energy solutions programmed from the study phase to its implementation and operation, with innovative solutions and criteria of efficiency, reliability and sustainability.
Energy Consumption Model: We have a specialized team of designers and engineers for the design of natural lighting and ventilation that help save energy and air conditioning consumption, taking into account internal comfort, also achieving a low cost of maintenance. 
Intelligent Automation and Control: Engineering in Industrial Automation and Control applies the integration of state-of-the-art technologies that improves energy consumption, saves time, and most importantly, lets you comfortably enjoy your work space.
Thermal optimization: consists in achieving the desired temperature by applying the right technology, considering the optimization of energy consumption.
Maintenance Management: We offer Strategic Diagnosis of the Status of the Function Maintenance in your Organization, where we will not only determine the problems that may exist in this area, but also its causes and possible solution strategies. We provide systemic Maintenance plans applied depending on your needs.

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